Life goes on.


Im sure there are plenty of people out there wondering what Im up to. Truth is that I ask mayself the same question quit often and wonder "what in the name of the flying spaghetti monster am I doing?"
Eventhought I have many teories of what the answere to this question might be, I am not entirly sure.

Instead I want to write about something I do know; THE SPRING HAS FINALY ARRIVED TO UPPSALA! Today I could even go for a run wearing only two longsleeved shirts and furthermore the snow is almost gone from the track! This makes me really happy, and if there is one thing I learned from living in Ireland it is that climibing a hill just to sit in the sun for a while will solve all of your problems.(atleast for a little while, and I've never been a long-term person anyways).
Alright enought wierd writing. Look at these flowers from the Dass on Torpet, left there since last summer

".....Var bäck har nog sin källa, Var äng sin blomma har. Vart hjärta har sin saga från flydda ungdomsdar.
Men skogens källa sinar och ängens blomma dör, Men hjärtats tysta saga ej någon tid förstör...."

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