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Once upon a time in a land far far away...

Once upon a time in the holy land
I havent written anything in such a long time! My last blog post is from a different life when I had just been in Jerusalem for the first time (yes I did return a second time as well) and now Im sitting in my new appartment in a snowy icecold Uppsala. However, this last post was only about one and a half month ago. Since then I have been throught so much, I have no idea where to start....

I`ll take the short version:
Me and Hanna had the time of our life in Israel, out last days at Bar´am and christmas was amazing with a visit to the pancake man in Zefat, christmas party and painball war for all the volunteers. After this we left Bar´am, almost in tears, and crossed the entire country to Eilat. There we dived in the Red Sea and I was stalked by a big, cute blue fish.
After that we wanted to go to Tel Aviv, but we couldnt find anywhere to live, since it was new years eve. We thought about sleeping on the beach but eventually decided to go back to Jerusalem. The holy city was just as nice as during our previous visit....probebly one of the coolest and most intressting cities on this planet.
The day after we jumped on a very crowded bus that took us towards Betlehem. So the very last day of 2010 we spent with some really hippe people in Palestine living in this place called Bustan Quranca. This organization was mainly trying to help farmers in the West bank. In the eving we went with them to a pub and eventually ended up in the streets of Betlehem. Hanna and I mostly just stood there, but the others was screaming "Free Palestine" and stopeing every single car passing by. After a while we heared from someone that the police was coming so we went away..... (yeah this was a bit extreme)
The first day of 2011 a little Palstinian girl of 11 was showing us her city Betlehem. She was really cute and guided us everywhere.
After this we finaly went to Tel Aviv. There we spent a lot of time at the beach by the Mediterran sea, we played guitar and smoked waterpipe. We had bought our own waterpipe, or hubbly bubbly as the south africans said, in Eilat. Then on our last day in Israel I, quit spontaneously, decided to get a tattoo! So now I have the word faith, in hebrew, written on my back forever. (something like this .אֱמונה ) And it turned out better than I had thought, so Im very happy.
On the 4th of January we went back to Sweden, where everything was ice cold and dark.
I went with my family to visit grandma in Värmland. I was so amazed by all the snow and kept throwing myself in it.
One night me and Hanna learned how to make our own hommus, this food that we had been eating basicly everyday in Israel. So we invited our families for dinner and foto slidshow.
Then I moved to Uppsala. Since i had nowhere to live, I got to move in with Hannas dads´ aunt and uncle. I was a little worried about moving to a new place without knowing anyone, but at the same time I felt that I had done it before, and this time I was only four hours from home!
I started school two weeks ago, and I am now a student at the University of Uppsala, studdying religion. Right now we are trying to define the word religion.
I think this curse will be very intressting and I feel pretty good about it. However I am a little worried that I don´t have so much previous experience of relgion. Everyone else seems to have been in church all thiere lifes!
Today I moved in to my very own appartment, and so far I like it a lot!

Well, that didn''t turn out so short after all. I really tried, but as you would know if you read the above, its been quit an intensive month (=

Now Im trying to make myself feel at home in my new place, and Im texting with Hanna. We lived so close to each other before, and now she has moved so far away, to Brighton to studdy english.....

That all for now,I need to sleep!

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