När det regnar så regnar det.

It was raining a lot on us in Uppsala. Read more here.

Lord how we need your power every day and every hour.

Dear Mezzy,
Now I was going to write something about my trip to the states, but instead I started to look at pictures, and since I took photos all the time over there I just post a whole bunch of them instead =D

So, so, so...I flew to Mississippi for the wedding between Krisite and Alfredo (I lived there when I was an exchangestudent about five years ago). Those two people seem perfect for each other, so I am very greatfull to see them togheter =P Actually I never saw them not togheter, but I can´t imagine that beeing too good....
In the church a lady was singing "...oh we´re too small to stop the rain, oh but when it rains I will stand by you...." while Mr. Richard led his daughter down the aisle and I belive almost everyone in the crowded sanctuary had teary eyes (=
Then in Mississippi I also saw a lot of other things like red dirt roads, dogs, big trucks, the holy ghost, ice tea, Senatobia, Vacation Bible School, the Sardis Lake, Mississippi river, pizzaburgers, nice people saying "how´re you doing?" all the time, Walmart, drivethrought etc...and I most ceratinly felt the summer and its way to hot weather =P
Now I am in Sweden for a little while, before I hed to Uppsala. Then I will try to figure out what Cultural Antrophology is, becaus this is what I will spend my time with over the next three years.

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