Life is around.

Dear Mezzy,

What do I have to say? Hmm.. Lets see

Lately Hanna and I have been acting just as brave as usual. Therfore we decided, in the last minute, to participate in The Baram Talant Show last wendsday. Since we are the new volonteers nobody expected anything from us and  it was really interesting to see the surprised audiance afterwards.
Before the show we invited the kibbutz memebers to a volonteer night, and served food from all our differnet countries. I had stayed in the kitchen tuesday night to make meatballs. I am seriously really good at making them by now! I think they were appriciated.
in the show it was only our number and two others on the schedule, since none else dared  to preform.  Hanna and I borrowed a guitar and were playing falling slowly, from the irish movie Once. And well....we did great!

On friday we finaly had our day off and went to the city of Akko. The Chinese doctor who drove us there in the morning told us that it is one of the oldest cities in the world. There's a wall all around the old part, and I walked around on it for a while. As you can see on the pictues, its a very beautiful place (=
After the talent show me and Hanna got really inspired to play music so we bought a guitar. While we were sitting at the bus station we met an Israeli guy who first  tuned it for us and then started to play, and he was truly amazing. I too want to learn how to play that well =P (as you might have figured since I have been writing so much about guitars now)

On Sabbath everything in Israel is completly closed. So if you want to leave the kibbuz its kinda hard to get anywhere at all. This saturday everyone were tired after 5 days of work and friday night pub, but after lunch we walked to old baram looking for the ancient cold springs. First we walked down a path and almost ended up in Libanon. Most of us turned around, and met James, who knew where the springs where and showed us there. Some people kept going and ended up way to close to the border where they met some soldiers who made them go back. There is a lot of soldiers everywhere. Maybe not so strange since everyone here has to do mandatory army sevice for atleast two years, and Israel is not exactly famous for beeing a peaceful country.
The cold springs anyway, where basicly a hole in the ground where you could swim into a small little cave. I didnt jump in this time but I defenitly will sometime soon. Then we hich hiked back to the kibbutz and I fell asleep.

Unfortunally everyone else did not fall alseep. And when I finaly woke up again around midnight and went outside I met S. who said "Dont tell me you missed it all"  That nights events is pretty much what we have been talking about since then. The only word to describe what happend is DRAMA!
I think its really sad thought. Just becaus people cant get along now four volonteers have left the kibbutz forever. And to quote Hanna "Girls who stick knifs in other girls backs might be the worst threat aginst an equal sociaty"

Since Sunday I have been working in the kitchen. Looks like Im gonna stay there too, which is kinda nice. It is sure more variation than to work in the apple factory, but also I have to work much more. I think the chefs kinda like me, atleast a little bit. If they dont they should caus Im working as hard as I cna for 13 shekles a day!

Okey, now I have been sitting here for a long, long, time.  This is the longest blogpost I have ever written (= And its in english for some reason. I think becaus its much more fun to write in english, and everyone I now can read it anyways (=

Tomorrow Im going to the desert and then to the dead sea!

Love/ Maja


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