The words of the profets are written on the subway wall.

Dear Lord, now I have litarly spent days in my appartment doing nothing but reading your very long book! Sure its intressting, but Im starting to get just a little bit restless... Also now after diving in really deep in the testaments I am more confused then ever. How am I suppose to memorise all these scriptures? Can you help me pass my exam next week? To be honest, I dont really care about learning everything by word, and to take a part every single verse to, for example, see how Matt or Luk changes the text of Mark, and figure out what is specific for just e.g. Matt, or what Matt or Luk has taken from the hypotetical Q source. I mean, what is the name of someone is the Q source?
Now I will go and bang the book in my head instead, maybe then I will understand.
Thanks in advance,


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